My Doppleganger

While at work today, my bff sent me a link to this illustration. Woah. It’s my doppelganger. In illustration form. Although the style of this fabulous illustration is quite different from my own, I really really like it. I think it’s because it looks like me.

I just proved my own narcissism.

but I do really want to learn more about computer vector illustrations.

and I need to start dressing kooky again. My doppelganger can’t outdo me!

In other breaking news. I recently noticed that I have a lot of dandruff. It is gross. But I enjoy sharing gross things with people because it makes me more relieved knowing that I am not alone in feeling grossed out. My purple sheets are turning white. Disturbing? Yes Indeed.

Image is from I just can’t find the exact illustrators name to give him/her credit. 

I love visiting illustrator’s websites. So inspiring and makes me more awake at work. haha. Nadia Flower

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