My name is Lala. I wasn’t born with that name because my parents ain’t no Beyonce and J-zay (Blue Ivy?..really? isn’t that just..I dunno.. turquoise?). And if you are smart and have figured it out already, my last name is Liu. If you are not smart, my last name is still Liu. So yes, I am asian and 0.00625% dutch. I am so very special.

I started off in life as an aspiring mermaid. When I realized that a) I didn’t have read hair b) I was way too shy to wear shell bras and c) that you can’t just be a mermaid, you have to be born a mermaid  I switched gears to be an aspiring nerd. It’s a lot harder than it looks because you can’t really fake smartness. Other smart people will call you out on it. In college I was an aspiring business economics and communication studies double major. It was okay. But I live life with AMAZALICIOUS and SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS so okay was not okay enough. So then I moved to New York to become an aspiring fashion designer. Somehow, someway I found myself working in web design. I do more design than code since I failed to become a full nerd. But now I know what I want. I want to live & create. Seems simple enough.

So right now. At this current moment in time. I’m an aspiring fashion designer. An aspiring illustrator. An aspiring fine artist. An aspiring designer. An aspiring tambourine player. An aspiring rapper. An aspiring children’s-books-for-adults writer. An aspiring inventor. An aspiring entrepreneur. And, always and forever, an aspiring red-headed asian.

I just need to add an aspiring adult to that list.



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